Discover Arion Suites Mykonos

Discover Arion Suites Mykonos

Arion Suites Mykonos

The modern guest house, ARION SUITES, represents our love and admiration for the traditional Mykonos. The mythical Arion was kidnapped by pirates and miraculously rescued by dolphins, the symbol of the Greek seas.

Arion Suites are near Chora, situated at a panoramic location, overlooking Megali Ammos, the beach nearby the Windmills. It is under the majestic spell of the traditional area of Kastro. The construction is environmentally friendly, made with natural materials: wood, ceramic tiles, marble and rocks from the local mines on the island.

All ARION SUITES are new build homes. They form a cozy small complex, in a tranquil area with the best views of the Aegean Sea and breathtaking sunsets. The town is around a 15-minute walking distance from the property and the closest beach is just 3 minutes away by foot. Allow us to make your stay in Mykonos unforgettable this summer!

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Discover Mykonos

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular islands in the Cyclades. Mykonos island has an irresistible combination of nature, culture and history, with sparkling blue waters, breathtaking landscapes, and a sophisticated cosmopolitan air that makes one feel at home in an instant. No matter how many times you have visited Mykonos, you will never get tired of it.

If you are looking for a good vacation spot, you should visit Mykonos Island. Mykonos has white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters that will appeal to a person of virtually any age or background. Mykonos is located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 35km (22 miles) south of the Tinos and Syros islands. It’s part of the Cyclades island chain and it’s also known as “The island of the Winds”. The Municipality has a land area of ​​29.039 km2 and a 2011 census population of 20,971 residents.

This blessed island has a lot to offer: fine sand beaches with clear waters, exciting nightlife, great food, and rich history. Here lays the land where the ancient Cycladic art was born. Mykonos, with its typical whitewashed cubic houses, blue-domed churches, Byzantine windmills and Roman baths. Visitors adore Mykonos because it has been established for its cosmopolitan character and its plethora of magnificent beaches and amenities.

Good to know: Aegean Airlines offers regular flights to Mykonos from many cities within Europe. For a full list of fares and flight timetables, visit the website at

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Mykonos took its name from the grandson of Apollo. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. Whether you love to party or you are a history lover, this island will steal your heart. ARION Suites were built and designed with respect to the island’s traditions.

Art, eco-friendly materials, modern aesthetic, sustainable architecture and cozy design were and still are our fundamental principles behind ARION Suites Experience in Mykonos.


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History of Mykonos

History of Mykonos

Discover the mesmerizing History of Mykonos and travel through its unique origins. You will find a fragment of history all over the island.